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Hi everybody,

I have been looking for a long time for a tool that allows me to develop locally and synchronize the site with the server with one click. It is very uncomfortable to always pack and upload the site and the database. Developing online doesn’t really make sense either, just because of the speed.

I am running a Plesk Obsidian server myself for my projects, so it would be great if you could provide a connection for Plesk server. For this functionality I would buy the Pro version IMMEDIATELY, because it would save me a lot of time.

I would be happy if you could answer me briefly whether something like this is possible for you or not.

Thanks a lot in advance

Greetings Chickengeorge

I am very impressed with local that in 6 months I have not received one response. Very serious! :+1:t3:

I’ve never used Plesk Obsidian. Is it basically a GUI for managing a more traditional VPS?

Do you know what kinds of connections Plesk offers for remote access to the server? Additional, how does Plesk Obsidian manage WordPress sites? Or is it a more manual process of working with WordPress?

WordPress Toolkit, anyway Plesk is similar to cPanel which you more likely know… integration with Plesk would be a best feature ever in localwp

you’re not planning to integrate plesk, are you?

Integrating Plesk or cPanel could be the better improvement you can ever made.
Please consider this and you will take the fly.
Restriction of sync to “flyweel” and “wpengine” is the major cons of your great app.
Best Regards

I agree.

Plesk integration would enable people to connect many hosting providers that use it.


I agree too, also we can use plesk with all hosts.


That would be a game changer for localwp! And probably it will never happen as flywheel or wpengine promotion would go low… am I right? Anyway… voted


Im against that, better to move away from plesk/cpanel integration and become a devstack platform
cloudflare integration would be worth thou…

localwp upload or syncronization with a Plesk server.

Hi guys does anyone know how to set up a local WP site with a Plesk managed server for syncronization?

You should try to keep up with the times. And how can you be against a connection. It’s not like you have to use it. By the way Plesk and Cpanel are from the same company and they are not only market leader worldwide. You can almost assume a monopoly position. Why is that?

Because they are far better than all their competitors.

I have been using Plesk for 2 years now, and any company that develops development environments would not be smart not to support Plesk (the present and future) and cPanel (the past and present). And just for the record, I had my first three own (bought and not rented) fully equipped Dell server cabinets with 42 height units already 20 years ago in a data center.

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20 years ago you bought a Server rack, that explains
Atleast me and my minions are cloudfirst developers
who doesnt care about what server stack its running as long as we can have a proper environment which does the CI/CD thats perfect for us.

An answer of this kind was to be expected. I can’t add anything to that;-)

is there any news about plesk?
is there still no plesk support after 2 years?

Hi @chickengeorge

We don’t have any plans for this on the roadmap but we do monitor our Feature Requests board for interest and ideas. I’ve gone ahead and merged the two requests you commented on to keep information in one place.

Would you or someone else be able to provide a bit more detail regarding Ben’s questions above?

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+1 (plus a thousand) on Plesk integration.

I use Plesk to manage a cloud VPS on Linode, and Plesk’s WP-Toolkit extension to manage WordPress sites on that server.

In answer to your questions, yes it is a GUI for managing a VPS. WP Toolkit can manage WordPress sites on multiple servers in one location, and it has a REST API. It’s quite extensively documented.

Details of the REST API are here: