Table block always show as fixed width table

Bug Summary

When adding a Table block to a page, the table is always by default fixed width. The “Fixed width table cells” option in the settings for the block has no effect as the columns are already fixed width regardless of how much content is added to the cells.

Steps to reproduce

Create new website using Local. Create a new page. Insert Table block. Add content to the table.

Environment Info

Describe your environment.

  • What Operating System are you using? Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • What versions of site software (Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL) is used? Nginx, PHP 8.1.9, MySQL 8.0.16.
  • What version of Local is installed?7.1.2+6410

Include any screenshots or video recordings of the issue to help others reproduce. (3.5 MB)

Hi @thetraininglady!

I tested this in my Local app using the same configuration, but I wasn’t able to replicate the issue. Here is a clip I made: Screen Recording 2023-08-30...

This was with a blank, fresh install and nothing else. If you create a fresh, blank site does it still behave the same or does it work normally? If it’s not working on this specific site there might be something in there that is conflicting.