The dreaded Missing hosts entry error

I’m trying to create a new local site, and had been warned about turning off anti-virus - it didn’t help.

I have McAffee, and I have turned off real time scanning, even tried turning off the firewall, and neither helped. I have rebooted, and the “Fix It” button does nothing.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the software with no resolution. I have attached the log.
What do I do now please?
local-lightning.log (41.9 KB)

Hey @bethweld,

Thanks for trying out Local!

Can you let us know what version of Local you’re currently using as well as your OS?

This issue could also be popping up if you’re using a VPN or if there is no hosts file on your machine. It might be worth turning off any VPN and verifying a hosts file is properly in place.

Thanks Kristin,
I’m on Windows 10 Pro, just installed so am on Version 5.0.6+976, and I’m not on a VPN.

If I’m looking in the right place (it has been a while and not on this laptop) on:
This PC\Windows (C:)\Windows\System32\drivers\etc the folder is empty.

I created a hosts file, and closed/re-opened Local, chose my local site and clicked on Fix it.

The button went away (it stopped the site), and I started the site. It has let me click on admin which brought up the dashboard in my browser so hopefully I am up and running.

I documented the steps in case anyone else happens to look at this topic and can check the hosts file.

Thanks a lot