Training on how to use flywheel

I downloaded flywheel local and it caused a lot of problems on my hpenvy laptop. I uninstalled it and virtualbox as well. the real problem is that i don’t know how to even begin to use it and have read everything I can find but there are no actual instructions that go beyond downloading it. I need to know if you have any training manuals or ideally videos that would show me how to actually use it properly.

Check out youtube video by wpcrafter “How to install WordPress on youComputer Easy, Fast, & Free…”. I am right there along with you in trying to learn to use “Local”


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I used “LearnWebCode” on YouTube. He is pretty good at dumbing things down for you. I think you are going to find that there isn’t much to learn in terms of local by flywheel but developing and working in wordpress is INTENSE but an insane amount of fun. Welcome to the world of Local and Wordpress :smiley:

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Hi Barney

Thanks so much for the info. I’ll check it out.

All the best,

Grannie Gadget

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