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Hello, I don’t have an issue more like a request. You see I create digital products and online training products. I put together mini-courses or bigger ones on how to do things. I am planning on putting together a course that teaches WordPress Design and Development and I wanted to use Local as a tool in my training and recommend it to my students.

So My question… Is there an affiliate program I can sign up for? Also, if it ok I can use and recommend local in my course I will recommend WP engine, Flywheel hosting, etc so it will help bring you, customers, as well. Sort of a win-win.

That is all,

Robert Gee - Freelance Web Designer | Online Instructor

Hey, @RobertGee! Britt here from the WP Engine & Local team.

First of all, thanks for the support and for helping grow the WordPress community!

We do have affiliate programs with both WP Engine and Flywheel if you’re interested in signing up for those. Here are those links:

We don’t have a Local-specific referral or affiliate program, but we’re always here to help support however we can, so if you have other ideas, feel free to reach out!

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