Transfer flywheel on my new desktop

I have downloaded local by flywheel on my desktop computer on my C:/ local drive and created a wordpress site.

Now I need to change my desktop computer. How can transfer my local flywheel app and all its content (my entire website) to the new computer. Is there an easy way to change its location from local c:/ to our internal server g:/?

thanks in advance for your help,

Same issue here, not sure what to do.

Hi all,

You’re in luck! It’s super easy with Local. How’s how you do it:

  1. On the computer where the site currently is: Open Local and right-click on the site you wish to transfer and then go to “Export”
  2. Transfer the exported archive to the new computer using whatever method you wish.
  3. On the new computer: Drag and drop the archive onto Local’s main window and follow the steps to import the site.

Thanks for the tip Clay.

I will try it and get back to you.

Best regards,

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