Trouble when trying to install add-ons on Ubuntu 20.04


just stumbled on a minor bug while installing the PHPStorm XDebug add-on. Here’s a console dump:

1/15/2021, 1:54:07 PM [info] [main] AddonInstallerService: Installing Add-on 'Xdebug + PhpStorm' release '[object Object]'
This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). The promise rejected with the reason:
Error: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename '/tmp/local-AKQeKb0Va/package' -> '/home/nico/.config/Local/addons/local-addon-xdebug-phpstorm'
at Object.renameSync (fs.js:643:3)
at Object.moveSync [as sync] (/opt/Local/resources/app.asar/node_modules/fs-jetpack/lib/move.js:27:8)
at Object.move (/opt/Local/resources/app.asar/node_modules/fs-jetpack/lib/jetpack.js:179:12)
at AddonInstallerService.<anonymous> (/opt/Local/resources/app.asar/main/addons/AddonInstallerService.js:1:7723)
at (<anonymous>)
at d (/opt/Local/resources/app.asar/main/addons/AddonInstallerService.js:1:132)
1/15/2021, 1:54:13 PM [warn] [main] undefined: Unhandled Rejection. -- {"reason":{"errno":-18,"syscall":"rename","code":"EXDEV","path":"/tmp/local-AKQeKb0Va/package","dest":"%%userDataPath%%/addons/local-addon-xdebug-phpstorm"},"p":{}}

On the app’s front end, this issue blocks the plugin installation, either from an online repo or local archive.
There’s no helpful message, and though the app still works, there’s not much left to do but restart it, at which point the plugin is still not installed.

Fixing manually is as easy as:

mv /tmp/local-AKQeKb0Va/package/ /home/nico/.config/Local/addons/local-addon-xdebug-phpstorm

Still, I’d consider it broken. You may want to take a look.


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Thanks for diving in and letting us know about this!

Did you try installing other addons, and run into something similar, or was this issue only for the Xdebug + PHPStorm addon?