Trying to synchronize the database - seeking missing step

I would like to synchronize my WP installations on Local between my two computers. All of them in fact. Using Local I exported from my laptop and Imported to my desktop by going to Add Site from Archive. Tested the site and everything worked out.

But as soon as I sync (I’m using Chrono Sync by the way) the main folder (User > Local Sites > my-site-folder) between both machines one of the mirrored sites doesn’t work. When I open the WP site it shows a message indicating that the database is out of sync. I’ve read a couple of other forums about this but still can’t get the database to sync. I downloaded the add-on for mounting volumes which I understand is supposed to help out but not sure how to use it.

Does anyone know the missing step on how to use this add-on to sync the database?

Or is there something else I"m missing?

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