Twenty Seventeen themes Parallax does not work!

Hi Community Support,
I faced a weird problem when I tried to customize my first WP website ,I’m following a tutorial , when the constructor click on customize from the admin dashboard , the theme of twenty seventeen shows up , and it has the parallax effect , but for me it shows up as a static page ,
has anyone faced that before ?
I hope I find an answer, cuz the best thing about the twenty seventeen theme is its parallax effect and I did not get it .

any idea about this problem please?

If you really want someone to answer you must provide more information.

  • Point to the tutorial
  • Make sure WP_DEBUG is set to true
  • Describe in detail what you expected to happen and what actually happened

The only other point I would make is this issue likely has nothing to do with Local and you might want to ask whomever wrote the tutorial.