Udated from Windows 7 pro to 10 & Stuck

I recently have been updating to windows 10 pro on my PC (as been putting it off for time) And now I cannot for the life of me (although newb at IT etc) Get Flywheel to run Locally - stuck on checking system screen, again. and if I install new I can get it working but cannot Import the, more than several made websites, made locally ready to launch in New Year, Sadly I am more Artistic than comp hardware and software.

Basically, if I re-install and try through migrate bring in saved sites then I am lost. Basically I truly am Lost and hope this makes sense to someone who can help as I have a lot of work saved!

Many thx in advance - so sorry for anger typing and not presenting myself correctly, sincerely all the very best.

-Regards, chrisBman PhotoArt 'darkartdesign.