Uh-oh! Unable to provision site. (New Mac M3 16" fresh install) 2024

Getting the following error, Rosetta does not seem to be the issue.

Uh-oh! Unable to provision site.
Error: Error: spawn Unknown system error -86
at ChildProcess.spawn (node:internal/child_process:413:11)
at spawn (node:child_process:/83:9)
at execFile (node:child_process:359:17)
at t. (node:electron/js2c/asar_bundle:2:2265)
at /Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/main/_helpers/ execFilePromise.js:1:583
at new Promise ()
at Object. (/Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/ app.asar/main/_helpers/execFilePromise.js:1:534)
at Generator.next ()
at /Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/main/_helpers/ execFilePromise.js:1:330
at new Promise ()

Whenever I try to create a new site or pull, this error happens.

Chip M3 Pro
Mac OS 14.4

Appears to be an accidental re-post of Uh-oh unable to provision site 2024 - New Mac M3, which seems solved.