Unable to provision site WP

I got a new computer (Apple Macbook Air 2022) and with that one I can’t create any WP site with Local… And I tried everything I could without results… I never had that problem before, it was so easy on my last computer! Help me please!!

The error message is:

Error: Error: spawn Unknown system error -86
at ChildProcess.spawn (node:internal/child_process:413:11)
at spawn (node:child_process:709:9)
at execFile (node:child_process:336:17)
at t. (node:electron/js2c/asar_bundle:5:2206)
at /Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/main/_helpers/execFilePromise.js:1:583
at new Promise ()
at Object. (/Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/main/_helpers/execFilePromise.js:1:534)
at Generator.next ()
at /Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/main/_helpers/execFilePromise.js:1:330
at new Promise ()

And then it says “Could not update hosts file” because it runs into a problem when trying to update the hosts files

Hi @Carlitoraiola

Do you have Rosetta 2 installed on this machine? That might be what is missing.

I have this same issue and 1) the error message should say this but 2) you don’t tell us how to install Rosetta. This is a new Ventura install.

The error message doesn’t state it because there could be several different reasons for that type of error. Rosetta 2 is required for Local’s Apple Silicon build due to the Nginx and MySQL Lighting Services compiled on the Intel architecture, as mentioned in our Install Local help article here.

Some other things that can create that error for example are things like security applications or other developer programs getting in the way.

Regarding Rosetta, if you need help with how to install that there are some details on the thread below that might be helpful!

Sure fine but you CAN list the most common error and note that there could be other causes The existing error is completely useless and error messages should always guide someone on what they should do.

I got Rosetta installed but my point there was that when replying, drop a link to HOW to install something that’s not common, don’t just say " yeah, you need to install X…" - it takes no real extra effort to provide a link. Also, it’s been 2.5 years - a purely native version would be useful.

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