Uh-oh Unable to swap services. Windows 10

Can somebody help me? I am receiving this error during Web server swap from Nginx to Apache. Also, if I close Local then in sites.json Nginx config is removed but apache config is never added, due to which I have to again add this below snippet by looking at the port.

"nginx": {
	"version": "1.16.0",
	"type": "lightning",
	"role": "http",
	"ports": {
		"HTTP": [
			10004 // This may vary stating it for the first site.

Additionally, SSL should be auto trusted, and site URL and Home page URL must be indexed with HTTPS so that when we click Admin URL OR Site URL in Local it should redirect accordingly to SSL pages.

CC @flycrum


I have the same problem but it was when I switched from Apache to Nginx. What is the sites.json file that you’re talking about ? I can’t find it on my computer. Does this part of code solved your problem ?