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Uh-oh! We ran into a hiccup when trying to start the Local Machine

Error: Unable to start the VM: C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe startvmlocal-by-flywheel – type headless failed:


I’m sorry about your troubles here. Could you provide us with your log file here so we can further diagnose the issue with you? How do I retrieve Local’s log file?

I am having same error message. Should I send log files also?

Hey @Atei, go ahead and send those logs over so we can take a look!

I am having same error message, please find attached file local-by-flywheel.log
Thank you for telling me the solutions to unlock the situation.

local-by-flywheel.log (244.2 KB) .

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Uh-oh! We ran into a hiccup when trying to start the Local Machine.

I am sorry to disturb you, but I do not think I have an answer to my request made on August 28th (see Kanok’s application in this section).I already passed the local file local-by-flywheel.log

Hey @KANOK, sorry it took so long to get you a reply. If you’re still trying to figure this out, let us know!

We have a newer version of Local now that doesn’t rely on VirtualBox anymore, which has helped out quite a bit with errors like this. It does involve migrating your sites from the older (version 3.x) Local by Flywheel to the new Local:

If you’d like to still try to get version 3.x up and going, we can try that too.

I was having this issue after updating to Windows version 2004. I had Local 3.3.0 installed. Updating my version of VirtualBox to version 6.1.12 solved the issue.

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