Unable to connect on day 2 after creating a site on Local (Mac)

Hi there,
So I wanted to start a (beginners) class on Wordpress and installed Local by Flywheel in my computer (Mac OS) everything went smooth, no problem, could open the windows, all great! I could see the ADMN page and the VIEW page, all opening in my Firefox browser. But then on day 2, if I want to open the local, I start site etc… but when I click on Admin or View site my browser send me this message: “Unable to connect - Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at …” (I tried it on Chrome, same) I tried different ideas that I saw on previous discussions or others on the net but nothing changes and can’t find someone who has exactly that problem (works fine when you create it but then unable to reconnect the day after)
Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!

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