Local Server Woes on MacOS. (2.1.2)

I want to like Local and Flywheel, I really do, because it has potential. But every night for the past two weeks, I come home to work on my local website and encounter yet another bug or issue that prevents me from making actual development progress.

  1. Getting the site to work in https mode took some effort. Works fine now, but Curl errors out in Wordpress, causing plugin updates to fail. I’ve tried all the suggestions in the form (edit hosts, etc). Nothing worked. I did get it working once, but after a restart of Local, it failed again.

  2. I’ve had to reinstall / reimport my sites about 4 times to resolve issues. This afternoon I worked on my site at lunch, and everything was fine. I left everything running (docker, site, etc), shut the lid. I come home this evening to pick it back up, and the site is completely offline. Nothing works. Rebooting Local, the VM, my Mac. The whole site is inaccessible for no apparent reason.

I see that 2.2.0 was released. I’m really hoping this might fix some of my issues. Not sure what to do. I can’t spend hours each night troubleshooting my dev environment when it was working the night before. I may have to go back to online development. Too many variables perhaps.

Seems that many people are having the same issues, having their dev environment totally die on an update, or due to some compatibility issue. Any advice on the cURL stuff? I’d like to get Wordpress functional again so I can auto-update plugins / run Backup Buddy.