Unable to connect to WPEngine API

I’m getting an error: “Something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes.” when attempting to connect to the WPE API. I’ve attempted to create a new API UN/P, restarted Local, waited a day, with similar results.

Connecting to the WPE API works on a different WPE account, so it seems to be an issue with this particular WPE account.

Outside of this, are there plans to be able to be connected to more than one WPE API at a time? As I manage sites under multiple WPE accounts.

macOS 10.15.5 and Local version 5.6.2+4213.

Hi QandnotU and welcome to the Local Community!

If you’re having trouble connecting with the WP Engine API it’s possible that the option for enabling the API isn’t toggled on. Here are some helpful article for the WP Engine Support Center.
Enabling WP Engine API
Local + WP Engine Connect

If you’re still having trouble getting the API connection hop into chat with our 24/7 support team!


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