Unable to find DB_User & Unable to find DB_Password .. wp-config.php

I am trying to set up a local copy of my live site.

I downloaded and installed Local by Flywheel.

On my live WP site I installed the plugin Duplicator.

I downloaded and imported the package created by Duplicator.

On the local site under the Database panel I get the following error messages

Username - Unable to find DB_USER in app/public/wp-config.php
Default: root

Password - Unable to find DB_PASSWORD in app/public/wp-config.php
Default: root

As a consequence I cannot view site.

Anyone any ideas what I need to do to fix this problem?

I’m wondering the same.

I’m also wondering how to address this. I’m trying to get setup with Bedrock and so I’ve updated the root in /conf/nginx/site.conf from /app/public to /app/bedrock/web. How can we manage where Local looks for the DB ( /public versus another directory?) and how should this be addressed? Does anyone know?