Unable to install ubuntu 24.04 L.T.S

What issue or error are you experiencing?

I am unable to install ubuntu 24.04
Initially I tried using try or install ubuntu option first b4 I used the option ubuntu(safe graphics). It said hypervisor unsupported and graphics something issue
I searched if I can use ubuntu(safe graphics) using an AI it said if the other options doesn’t work I can use that. So I used that. It got to the point when it started to install. Later it said error with installation
The first error I had using try or install ubuntu picture or screenshot error is below

This is what it showed after it failed to install in my virtual machine which is virtual box the ubuntu below

I tried turning fast boot off thinking it caused it from installing but it didn’t work

Hi, @kassy. This is the support forum for the Local desktop app.

For help installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox, you may get better help from the VirtualBox or Ubuntu forums.

I found a thread with a similar issue to the one you’ve posted, though, along with some suggested workarounds: virtualbox - vmwgfx failure on Ubuntu boot - Ask Ubuntu. But if this doesn’t help, it’s likely best to post on specialist forums for Ubuntu or VirtualBox.