Unable to provision site, Local 5.0.7

I’m having the same issue as in this post: Unable to provision site, mySql error

But there’s no answer there or anywhere that has worked. Using Local 5.0.7 on Windows 10. Does anyone know of a fix?

Okay I uninstalled Local and re-installed it, after which I noted that my settings were still intact, so obviously Local does not cleanly uninstall, which is annoying…

But in any case I tried creating a site again and this time I got a different error:

I tried installing version 3.3.0 but that one threw up a bunch of errors while trying to set up the virtual machines.

For the record this is the fourth time in a couple years that I’ve tried Local, and this time on a brand new computer, and it looks like it’s going to be the fourth time I’m going to have to say “Yeah it doesn’t work” before going back to XAMPP. :roll_eyes: I like the design and keep coming back hoping it’s finally stable. Maybe someday it will be but… not today.