Unable to provision SSL Cert after domain name change

I mistakenly created a site with the site domain foo.test
I then trusted a cert for foo.test
I then realized my mistake and changed the domain to bar.test
I then tried to view the site at https://bar.com/ and got an SSL warning.
Looking in Local however the option to trust the cert for bar.test was stilled greyed out.

Restarting local cleared this and I was later able to trust a cert for bar.test.

Best behavior would be to notice this in the domain rename process and offer to reissue the cert.
Good behavior would be to allow the user to re-issue the cert for the new domain

MacOS 10.15.6 - Local Beta V 5.6.7+local-beta-4479

Pretty minor edge case of an issue, but still would be nice to fix.

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