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Unable to push or pull with WPEngine on Linux

Bug Summary

Pushing or pulling to and from WPEngine fails. When pulling, LocalWP reports success but the site folder only contains one or two empty folders. Downloading a zip backup and dropping it into LocalWP creates a working site but encounters an error when pushing to remote. The error when pushing is “Uh-oh! We ran into an issue when updating the table prefix from WP Engine. You might need to set the $table_prefix variable in the wp-config.php on Wp Engine to wp_”

Steps to reproduce


  1. Login and authenticate with an API
  2. Pull the environment (development)
  3. LocalWp reports success but app/public folder only contained empty “_wpeprivate” folder.


  1. Download a recent backup of live site
  2. Make a few adjustments (removed a plugin and theme in this case)
  3. Push changes to dev environment
  4. Gets the error

Environment Info

Ubuntu 22.04
Nginx, PHP 7.4.1, MySQL 8.0.16
LocalWP 6.4.3+6116

Supporting info

Include any screenshots or video recordings of the issue to help others reproduce.
Folder when pulling:

Error when pushing:

Hi @linuxbastard! Generally, when we see this error We ran into an issue when updating the table prefix from WP Engine it can be resolved by resetting your WPE connection and generating new credentails. More details here: Getting Started with Connect to WP Engine - Local

Hi Nick,

Thanks for taking the time to comment on this.

Your suggestion was actually one of the first things I did, after googling and finding that answer to somewhat similar situations. But even with a new API key and a newly established connection, I am still unable to pull or push successfully.

I tested this on a windows machine and was able to successfully pull and push, so I went ahead and included a re-install of local just in case it was a faulty install, but still no joy.

Localwp is still useful since I am still able to create local environments for developing, but I really wish this feature works.

Hi @linuxbastard! Thank you for giving that a go and following up. We definitely want to help you get to the bottom of what is going on here.

Can you shoot us an updated log file? I’m also going to DM you for some additional details so we can help further with this.

HI Nick,

Thanks again. I did another try at a pull and here are the latest logs.

I just read it myself and I’m wondering about this line:
{“thread":“main”,“class”:“DevKitService”,“message”:"wpe_cli+rsync+pull+devmrfixit@devmrfixit.ssh.wpengine.net: Permission denied (publickey).\r\n”,“level”:“warn”,“timestamp”:“2022-10-20T01:49:28.647Z”}

This is after a new API and connection and I can see the new public keys created by local on my wpengine account though. Where does local keep its ssh keys?

Hi @linuxbastard - thank you for all of the details you’ve provided here and in our direct conversation. We have seen a couple of other WPE users run into this issue with Ubuntu specifically and we have raised it to the Dev team for further investigation. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any updates or if we need additional insight! Thank you for your patience and communication in dealing with this.

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Hello there @linuxbastard & welcome to the Local Community! :wave:

Thank you very much for bringing all of this to light and providing so many details - it is very appreciated.

This bug has been passed along to the Local development team and is queued to be addressed in an upcoming sprint.

We will keep you updated.

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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