Unable to select iTerm from Terminal app dropdown

I have iTerm2 installed and use it as my primary command line app. When I go to Settings > Advanced in Local By Flywheel, the “iTerm” option is grayed out and I’m unable to select it. Screenshot: https://cloudup.com/c9T7GOlu3T7

Can somebody please tell me how I get Local to recognize iTerm2 and allow me to select it? Thanks.

Local searches /Applications and ~/Applications for iTerm.app.

Just make sure you have iTerm.app in /Applications and you should be set.

Thanks for the info, @clay. I have iTerm 2.app in my Applications directory. Are you saying that iTerm2 is not supported, whereas its older, deprecated predecessor iTerm is?

Link to the older, deprecated iTerm: http://iterm.sourceforge.net/

It’s supported. When you download and extract the latest iTerm 2 the filename is iTerm.app so that’s what we check for.

If you just rename iTerm 2.app to iTerm.app you’ll be set :smiley:

Got it. Thanks so much for your help, Clay! :+1:t3:

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