Unable to show Featured image

I am able to run the site locally when using an image as part of the post, but it will not compile when I add a “featured” image to the post.

I receive an error “error - Error: Invalid src prop (http://localhost:10051/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/reggie.jpg) on next/image, hostname “localhost” is not configured under images in your next.config.js

I searched Vercel, and they are recommending that you no longer use domains, but remotePatterns instead (next-image-unconfigured-host | Next.js)

Do you have a sample next.config.js file that uses remotePatterns?

I am running Local Version 6.6.1, and next.js v 13.1.6. I created the site using the example cms app from next.js (How to Use Headless WordPress with Next.js and Vercel)
I am using Windows 10 Professional
local-logs4.zip (28.9 KB)

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