Multisite says No after syncing Live


I have created a Local multisite install using Local, then created a subsite and used the “Sync multi-site domains to hosts file” option. This worked fine, however since running a WP Migrate DB Pro sync into one of my subsites, Local seems to think my Local install is just a normal WP site, not a multisite. On the Overview tab the "Multisite option is “No”, so when I create a new subsite I no longer get the option to “Sync multi-site domains to hosts file”.

How does Local tell whether a site is multisite or not?


I think it is still to do with my running WordPress in a subdirectory from the root /wordpress/

The “Sync multisite domains to host file” link appears in the Overview, but clicking on it does nothing. If I manually add the correct host file definitions the subsites work fine. I have to add them outside of the Sites by Local comment otherwise they get overwritten next time Local writes to my hosts file.

I wonder what criteria is in place for that “Sync multisite domains to host file” link to work and why it fails on my machine. I’m happy to provide some config files or info if needed. Thanks

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Also having this exact issue when using roots/bedrock with Local. Works fine if I edit the hosts file myself, but I have to maintain the hosts file myself. Would love to know how I can better get local to work with alternative dev environments (especially moving the core files out of the root folder)