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Unable to update from Local 6.4.1 to Local 6.7.0, Mac, new update to BigSur

Issue Summary

I started with Local on a Mac with Mojave, then Catalina. Had an update to Big Sur like 3 month ago. Did not use Local for a while. Now that I opened Local recently, it wants me to update to version 6.70 (from 6.4.1).

After clicking “install update”, the download starts. Then I get an error message that says (ooh, there was an error whlie updating.
Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 17.38.42

Troubleshooting Questions

I am still able to create WP sites in Local. Just can’t update.


System Details

  • Which version of Local is being used? 6.4.1+5978

  • What Operating System OS version is being used?
    My Mac is from late 2013. It’s using OS BigSur.
    The first install was on Mojave, then Catalina.
    I can remember that I had some kind of security update on Catalina in Nov’22 and ran into some problems with other software.
    This made me switcht to BigSur.

  • Attach the Local Log.
    local-lightning.log (557.9 KB)

Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi @Shanti

We made a change in Local 6.4.3 that requires a manual update. More information here:

Hi @Nick-B ,
thank you very much for your help. It worked like a charm, and I am super happy!

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