Local update on Mac

I’m having a problem with version 6.1.1 + 5468
clicking on “Check for Updates” does not open any window that verifies the update.
At the time of writing the current version available is V. 6.1.2 + 5473.

I ask you how can I update the version of my Local, since the automatic update check does not start?

Can I download the new version and manually overwrite?
Won’t this make me lose my plans? it’s safe?

Thank you

That’s definitely odd that the update button doesn’t work. This was a bug, but I thought that we had fixed it so that clicking the “Check for Updates” works.

Either way, you should be able to stop all the sites, and quit Local. From there, download the latest version and install it:

As with any upgrade, things should just work, however, I usually will take a quick backup of any site that is really important just in case something goes wrong.

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