Uninstall web server

Issue Summary

By accident, I downloaded and installed apache. Can I somehow delete it to not keep version of php and web server configs that isn’t in use.

Hi @alriksson

Can you clarify your workflow here? Do you mean to say you downloaded and installed Apache independently of Local? Or you were trying to set up a site within Local using an Apache server and now you want to change it?

Just downloaded the pack within local UI but wont use it so wish to remove and revert from option when i spin up new local sites. Is that not an option? Meaning revert back to download option but only having nginx downloaded.

Thank you for the follow-up. If you really want to delete it you can, although there shouldn’t be any impact on your system. What you would do is go to ~/Library/Application Support/Local/lighting-services and delete the Apache folder and restart Local.

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