How can I remove an installed php version?

Hi there,
I have been using Local for quite some time. Currently I have installed the following PHP versions:

  • 7.3.5
  • 7.4.1
  • 7.4.30
  • 8.1.23

I just saw in my disk manager that the different PHP versions take up some space on my local hard drive. So, I want to remove the two oldest 7.* versions. I tried to do that from Local but I couldn’t find an option for that. So my question is: how can I uninstall PHP versions from Local?

Thanks and best

Hi @nadine

How much space are you showing being used? I just looked on my machine and my entire Local application is less than 1 GB.

I haven’t tested if these can be removed yet but they would likely get reinstalled with any subsequent updates of Local.

Hi @Nick-B ,
Thanks for getting back. In my user’s AppData/Roaming/Local Local takes up 3,7GB. The PHP versions take up between ~65 and 360MB. And I would like to remove the ones I don’t use. Is it save to just remove them from the file system?

Thanks and best

Hi @nadine

Thank you for the clarification. I double-checked and you’re safe to remove these if you want! Local won’t reinstall them automatically unless you create a new site with one of these selected in which case they’ll be brought back.

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