[Unofficial] Todo Addon

This is a new in progress add-on that adds a todo list that could automatically do certain actions. For now, it cannot be used at the same time as the notes add-on and it cannot do much automatically. But if you have any opinions or ideas please share.


Hey @boredom101

Thanks for taking the time to create a Local Add-on!

I took the addon for a spin and have some feedback I’d love to provide. For context, I tested this Add-on on the latest version (5.6.10) of Local, which should help in zeroing in on any bugs that I mention!

  1. Need to clarify the intent or goal of this plugin.

    • It looks like this add-on adds the ability for a user to create todo items that are associated with a site. However, from the readme, I see that there are special “keywords” that are available that do special things against the site. Can you update the readme to provide more info about what those keywords are, how they are used and what they are supposed to do?
  2. Clicking the “Todo” link from the add-ons page generates an error.

  3. Keyword parsing and actions seem buggy

    • When trying to replicate the rename keyword example from the readme, the Run action didn’t seem to work. For example, the site wasn’t renamed correctly with the last letter from the todo not being included in the new site name.
    • Trying to change the version of PHP to a known bad value generates an error.
  4. Todo list doesn’t scroll when there are more tasks than what fits in the window.

Here’s a screencast that goes over the above items so that you can get a good idea of the things that I encountered:

Overall I think this is a great start at creating an add-on and it just needs a bit more clarity in terms of what it’s supposed to do as well as more attention to the edge-cases that will come up as users make use of the plugin!

Thank you for the feedback. I have worked on these issues and here is an update.

  1. I have changed some of the wording of the readme

  2. This error is since it was not from the store

  3. I have fixed both of these issues

  4. I am not sure how exactly to add scroll.

Thanks for updating that readme!

I’m still a little unclear as to what the addon is supposed to do or how it helps in the developer’s workflow.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but the example actions that are being used seem to be things that Local already does without needing an addon.

For example:

  1. The “rename” keyword will rename the site, but that can already be done by right-clicking on the site within Local and selecting “Rename”:

  2. The “inspect” keyword opens a browser, for the site, but that can already be done by clicking the “Visit Site” button

  3. The “change” keyword changes the version of PHP, but that can already be done using the dropdown element next to the PHP Version

Is there a specific workflow that you are trying to solve for, or a painpoint that this addon is addressing?