🗓 Upcoming Event: Set up a Git-based workflow with Local and GitHub Actions

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This is Sam, Community Manager for the Developer Relations team at WP Engine (and Local community support unicorn :unicorn: extraordinaire…too much? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

We have a Local + GitHub Actions workshop happening next week I wanted to tell you all about, please see all of the information below :point_down:

June 21 2023 - Set up a Git-based workflow with Local and GitHub Actions - PROMO 2

Add To Your Calendar: https://wpeng.in/builders-localghactions-062123/

Clients expect stability and accountability when collaborating with an agency. How will you delegate multiple features to different developers and not have to worry about whether they’re overwriting each other’s code or files? What if one of your developers gets sick amidst feature development, and you need to transition the work quickly?

WP Engine’s Local allows you to run a development site on your computer where you can experiment without breaking staging or production sites. Saving discrete code changes in version control enables you to track the history of changes throughout the lifecycle of a project and collaborate with other developers. You can commit your changes to version control and push them to a remote repository to deploy them to a targeted, specific environment (Development, Staging, or Production). After you’ve shipped a new feature and want to get all the latest data from the production site, you can use Local’s Connect and sync what you want when you want.

Having an established end-to-end workflow for your site development process with Git version control can allow you to onboard a new developer quickly, keep a history of changes and elevate the consistency and quality of products for clients. Build quickly with Local, stage and keep a history with Git and GitHub Action, promote to production website when ready, and continue the process with maintaining an up-to-date local environment with Local Connect.

We’ll explore the following:

:heavy_check_mark: Set up a Local site for a local development environment and establish a connection to your production site with Local Connect (WP Engine customers only)

:heavy_check_mark: Organize and initialize Git version control in your Local WordPress development site’s wp-content directory and push up changes to GitHub

:heavy_check_mark: Set up GitHub Actions within your repository to trigger deployments to multiple environments: Development, Staging, Production

:heavy_check_mark: Leverage Local Connect to pull down the latest database changes from a Production environment to keep your local environment up to date.

DETAILS: June 21, 2023 @ 1:00 pm ET


This is kicking off right now! :point_down:

Hope you can join :smile: :star:


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Is a recording of this session available by chance?

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Hi @lcraft -

Yes, there is! You can find the replay for this event here:

Happy Building! :green_heart: