"update available for custom" - unable to update

I’ve updated “LBF” to the latest update and logged in, but I get a message saying the ‘environment’ can be updated. I click to update and get

“Update available for Custom”

But it won’t let me press the button or continue???

This site needs to be running to update the environment.


Thanks for getting back to me, I click the site in question and click the update button but then get a screen with no option to proceed, like its crashing or stalled?

Screenshots and logs will help others better isolate the issue. :wink:

local-by-flywheel.log (471.8 KB)

Uploaded the screenshot and logs (hopefully right ones), the screenshot is what it hangs on, left it for over an hour and no change.

Did you start the site first?


Nope, wasn’t aware I needed too but when I did and then clicked ‘update’ it worked thanks.

Cheers for the support


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