Is Flywheel about to abandon LbF?

Let me get this straight: with the latest version of LbF installed I do not encounter any problems.

However, seeing many support questions here with NO answers from LbF staff (but instead from community members), plus apparently no news or announcements on any updates, I’m wondering if Flywheel regrets having developed this tool and is considering abandoning it.

Thoughts, anyone?

Hey frizzell77! Lead product designer at Flywheel, here.

Rest assured, Local is going nowhere :). We’ve been super busy working on some awesome new stuff that we actually announced this weekend at WordCamp US!

In early 2019 we’re launching Local Teams (which will include deploying to staging, team workspaces, user-management, direct support, and more), as well as our new Local Developer Fund. Over the next 3 years we’re offering up to $1,000,000 in grants to developers like you that might have great ideas for custom add-ons and extensions!

You can find more about the Local Dev Fund here -

And more about Local Teams here -

Please reach out if you have any other questions!


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Hi Adam,

Would the $1,000,000 not be better invested in creating a stable version of LBF first?

Hey lws,

As someone who spends pretty much 100% of my time on Local, I can assure you stability is a constant focus. Thanks for the feedback though! Please reach out on the forums when you encounter issues so we can address them.


Thanks for the reply Adam, but Local is anything but stable as this forum shows and lots of people are reaching out and not receiving any answers.