Updating Theme files functions.php via WP

Why can I not update the functions.php file within the WP Admin area

Every time I get the error below so have to edit it via the files itself…

Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP.

Hi @Johnjohn -

Can you please provide more information about your setup?

  • Local version
  • OS
  • WordPress version

Do you have any specific Theme or plugin installed?

I am able to make updates via the WP Admin area to the functions.php file.

Thank you,


Local version 6.6.1
OS = Windows 10Pro
WordPress 6.1.1

Theme is Enfold
Only plugin is WP Migrate Lite

Was a brand new site setup in Local


Just tested with earlier versions of theme and it works OK.
Also tested with other themes as well and they work OK

However, this one theme DOES update in a live environment??

Hi @Johnjohn - interesting.

So to clarify (based on your update) newer versions of the Enfold theme will allow you to update functions.php in a Live environment, but not locally?

But older versions of the Enfold theme allow you to update functions.php within WP Admin?

This may be something to share back with the Enfold team!



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