Upgrade Environment issues

I tried to upgrade the environment on one of my installs, which has created a new install called “Sitename Clone” but none of the URLs in the DB or in wp_options have been updated. It’s quite easy to SSH in and run the WP CLI search command (wp search-replace https://sitename.local https://sitename-clone.local in case this helps anyone else) but shouldn’t this have been done during the upgrade environment process? I’m happy to provide a log file to help out if needed, it could be because I use WP in a subdirectory.

I think I’ll hold off updating any of my other installs, due to the search-replace having to be manual and because as far as I can see its using exactly the same versions of nginx, PHP and mariadb anyway. What exactly does the upgrade environment option do?


PS: Shouldn’t open site SSH automatically start in /app/public/, or at least /app/ :slight_smile: ?