Site gone after update

What the living hell is going on? I update your program, and now my entire site is gone. It asks me to install wordpress when i launch it.

several weeks of work, gone.


I share your pain. I’ve just ditched this and gone back to MAMP. Far too unreliable for me. A shame. :disappointed_relieved: I suspect that the real Achilles heel here is the dependence on VirtualBox. Or maybe 2.4.x is just a turkey? Anyway, I’m done.

Same. Local tells me an environment update is available. Luckily I cloned the site, but after updating the environment, it tries to install WordPress. Since I cloned, I at least still have the original site and will move forward without updating the environment.

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The same thing just happened to me help!

Has anyone had any resolve with this? I contacted support and they pointed me here.

Thanks in advance!

Nope, support seems non existent!

Related Issue I report here Database doesn't import when change Local Environment from Preferred to Custom or vice versa

I encountered the same issue following environnment update. Please help.

This happened to me after updating from MacOS High Sierra to Mojave, I had to manually update Virtual Box and that initially fixed things, but then after updating to the latest version of Local by Flywheel to 2.4.2 all of my WordPress sites went down, static html sites were unaffected.

I figured maybe I need to update the environment, since there was a bright orange bar informing me of an update, so I tried that on one of my WordPress site, but it just gave me an OhUh mySQL can’t be reached or something. Anyway, restarting my Mac and starting Local by Fly Wheel again mysteriously brought my WordPress sites back.

hello I wanted to update flywheel and for no more accessible sites do you have a solution for me ???