Uploaded custom font in elementor and images are not working when enable Live link

What issue or error are you experiencing?

I’ve constructed my website using Elementor and now I’m preparing to showcase it to my client. I’ve enabled the live server and obtained the link, but I’ve noticed that some images and the custom font I uploaded are not displaying correctly.

Hi @Rohan_henry

Live Links don’t match your Local Site URL (ie: mysite.local), so Local attempts to rewrite these on the fly. Live Links is broadly compatible with many themes, plugins, and custom code snippets. However, some images, front-end assets, or other HTML elements may be missing from your site when viewing it over Live Links. Try the tips below:

  • Run the following WP-CLI command
    wp search-replace 'SITEURL' 'LOCALURL' --skip-columns=guid

  • Replace SITEURL with your production URL like https://localwp.com

  • Replace LOCALURL is your Local Site URL like http://mysite.local

  • Trust Local’s SSL certificate

  • Disable certain types of plugins: caching, security, force HTTPS/SSL

If you’re still having issues you might open up the console of the page and see what errors are present. Is it still showing some mixed content or some other type of issue?

You might try viewing it in an incognito window, a different browser, or over LTE Data instead of WiFi to see if caching is getting in the way as well.

You can also check if Elementor CSS needs to be regenerated:

As a last-ditch option, you could try pushing the site up to a Demo to see how it looks there. Flywheel offers free 14 day Demos that you could test out: Demo Site

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