Uploading my Local site to Bluehost Server

I’ve built my site in local and I’m ready to upload it to my host. I’m using Bluehost as my server and, after going through support with them for awhile they cut me off. My file structure from the Local export was not compatible with the bluehost WP file structure. Or so they say.

I know enough to be dangerous, but I could use some help in pointing me towards step by step instructions for a manual upload. I’d rather not pay a migration fee or buy a plugin to do this as I believe the steps are doable if someone can point me towards them.

I will say that my file structure in Bluehost may be complicated as I have two subdomains involved in the file structure, but my Local files have nothing to do with the subdomains. And, honestly, I’m okay if the subdomains disappear as a result of this process.

Hi @scottmness

So is this a multisite installation?

We have many users that utilize Bluehost, so I would think it shouldn’t be too complicated for a regular site, but if it’s a multisite, I’m not sure how things best work with them. Generally speaking, a migration plugin is going to be your best bet.

We don’t have any specific documentation to steps to provide on syncing with Bluehost. I know you said their support wasn’t too helpful, but do they have any documentation on self-migrating?