Urgent: I restored my local site after having to reinstall windows. But I'm missing weeks of work. Please help

Hi, I had a major issue with windows with no access to it, not even via safe mode and was forced to reinstall it. I found instructions to restore a “local by flywheel website” that I had created locally, by putting the apps and sql folders into a zip file and then importing the site. So I did that. But when I open the website I’m met with how the website looked like 3 weeks ago.

I also tried repeating the process after updating to the latest version of local but no luck.

When checking the files themselves in the folders, I can find there for example a bunch of pictures that had been uploaded. But for some reason I’m not seeing the website as it should look like. Just some old version of it. And I was going to deliver this website on Saturday. I feel absolutely horrified and afraid that I’ve lost weeks of work. Just because I reinstalled windows. What’s happening?

Thank you.