Cannot restore my website after having to move from one computer to another

hello, I have been trying to get support for the last couple of days and have not gotten any response. I have written in a couple of posts relating to my issue because I have tried everything that has been suggested but its not working. Here is my issue:

also wrote in this post:

and I have followed this FAQ to the T.

Please help. I have spent so many hours working on this website. An alternative to using the SSH command would be for me to get the database files into one file so I can use the drag and drop method but I do not know how to do that??

I have just downloaded and installed local and virtual box so I am assuming they are the latest versions. I have mac os 10.12.6. Thank you in advance for your quick response.

I have exactly the same problem. I have tried: How can I restore a site from a Local site folder? but I can’t get any of these solutions to work. In Local I rename files as suggested (e.g. mysite-backup), but then I can’t create a new site called mysite. I get the message: mysite is taken by another site. Please choose a different domain.
Lie jps, my site is intact locally but I can’t get it back onto Local.
I have also tried: How can I import a site into Local by Flywheel and I can’t get this to work either - I am stumped.


Please try deleting the site from Local (answer no when you’re asked to move the files to the Trash). Then, retry the steps where you got stuck last time.


Before the myloader step, can you please try the following?

  1. Go to the new site in Local that you created that you’ll be importing into
  2. Click on “Database”
  3. Click on “Adminer”
  4. Remove/drop all of the tables that you see

Then, you can retry the import steps.

thank you for your reply @clay but I resorted to contacting support directly via email ticket because no one was replying and was helped by lovely Sarah. She explained to me how to create one database file so I can use the drag and drop method of importing a site; I want to post this because I could not find this online and I hope this helps other people:

open up Terminal on your Mac.
Type ‘cd’ followed by a space,
then drag the containing folder (named ‘sql’) into the Terminal window. This will add in the correct path to the folder. Press enter.
Now that you’re in the folder, you can run this command to combine the files:

cat *.sql > complete.sql

This will create a file named complete.sql inside the sql folder, which should be exactly what you’re after!

Then I selected the wp-content folder and complete.sql, right clicked and selected compress. This created the zip file I needed to drag and drop into Local to create a new site with my backup files.

I will try your suggestion on my other local sites and see if that works, out of curiosity. Thank you.



Awesome, very glad to hear!

Thanks for sharing Sarah’s tip!

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ok @clay, I did what you said about dropping the tables and then used the myloader command and it worked! thank you!

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Thanks for taking the time to post this. I have the steps you outline, but it doesn’t work for me; I get the message attached

Hello Clay and thanks for the response.
I have tried al,of these steps (including jps) and can’t get it to work. The last time I the message attached, it proceeded to take me to the Wordpress set up screen. This set up my site, but without any of the content.

This seems to be the solution I need. I have a bunch of sql files but need to get them all into one like you did but for PC not mac.

Anybody know how on pc?