Username Profile Folder with non english characters created a string of issues

Hello! I have download both 5.0.5 and 3.3.0 version for windows. As i had started having troubles with C:/user/nonenglishusername i created a new Windows 10 user account. But i end up having issues as the PHP and MySQL choice window never appeared.

Ended up deleting the account and retried again with my C:/user/nonenglishusername. Tried changing region settings and enable Unicode beta in the Windows 10 definitions, even tried to do as the post recommendation reinstall C++ 64x etc. Nothing worked.

I tried a last thing, change the installation to a folder created outside C:/user/nonenglishusername and now it can’t even install anymore, at the middle of the installation the window goes “Installation abortion” and stays there. Unistalling and restarting doesn’t change nothing at all, and i fear the Flywheel registry to be corrupted. I am now at a dead end of what can i possible do. I really don’t want to create another new account. Thank you.

Moderator Note: [related topic]

I ended up creating a new admin Windows 10 user account just because of the “Ç” instead of “C”, and then it all worked.
Will Flywheel have unicode support in the future for other languages at installation? Thank you very much!