Using backupwp backups to bring a site local

I am new to Local by Flywheel. After using Desktop Server for a few years and MAMP before that I wanted to look at Local. It looks like bringing sites from production to local rely on 3rd party plugins (duplicator or all in one backup). So far I am having difficulty finding comprehensive documentation on the flywheel product. Local has a few videos but I am getting the feeling that there has been little done to clearly document even the simple workflows that one takes for granted in other local desktops. Can anyone point me to reliable, clear documentation on the Local product for creating a local site from a backup such as those created by Backupwp?

Hi Mark,

As long as your backups meet the following requirements you can drag-and-drop them onto Local’s main window or Dock icon to initiate an import:

  1. The archive must be a .zip. If it’s not, extract it then re-compress it as a .zip
  2. There must be a wp-content folder
  3. There must be an uncompressed .sql file inside the archive