Importing from Flywheel Backup

is there something special that needs to happen in flywheel local to install from a Flywheel Sites backup?

I usualy just

  • swap in the wp-content folder

  • import the DB

  • search-replace the Site URL using wp-cli

while this works on my vagrant box, it fails on Flywheel local

Seamless importing of Flywheel backups will be coming very soon :slight_smile:

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Well Then I guess I will have to wait till that feature comes out =)

for now I will keep using my vagrant box. thanks!

Hey @clay any new updates on the importing feature? I’m running into trouble importing the database from my flywheel demo site.

Thanks for your support,



Hi … seems like I have having the same / if not a similar issue also with Flywheel Backups.

I have spun up a site on Local … overwritten the wp-content & imported the backup.sql
All the plugins / theme appear no problem … but none of the posts etc are appearing

Is there something specific that needs to be done to make it work?
A step by step guide would be great.
But the “Seamless importing of Flywheel backups” mentioned could be the ideal :grinning: is there a ETA?

Many thanks in advance

Hi David,

We’re looking into this.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hi Clay,

Many thanks for the quick response

If you need any specific details / need me to check anything to assist … just let me know

Hey Clay, do you have an update on this issue? We are just expierencing trouble with that as well. And now need to install mamp/duplicator, because that will save us many steps.

Would help a lot of Wordpress Devs to get that on the road.

Thanks for your support.


What type of backup are you trying to import?

Are you seeing a specific error?

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Hey Clay,

thanks fro the quick response. We’ve been downloading the latest backup from - which is hosted on Flywheel :raised_hands:

We don’t see any error message, it’s just that we’ve thought dragging the zipped files (backup.sql & files-folder) into the latest version of local would bring us a local environment, instantly.

Now, that we digged deeper, we expierenced that we first need to search & replace all the files to get the correct urls. My question is, how close are you to get the Seamless importing feature, you mentioned in this thread on Dec’16 shipped?

Our Team would yahooo and drink the next beer on you, once we’ve solved that issue.

Thanks for your thoughts,


Hey @clay, did you had a chance to read my response to your questions? Thanks for your support.