Using external SSD as Local site path

Hello everyone,
i wish i could use an external ssl hard drive as the path to my local folder, to avoid overconsuming my computer hd.
I manage to install the site on the path I specified, but a lot of wordpress stuff doesn’t work, like installing new plugins or loading new media.
When I try to load new media for example it returns me an error message related to write permissions, but actually the folder of my ssd is set in 777.
Do you think it is possible to solve in some way, or is it impossible to set local development in this way?
Thank you all for the support.

I think it’s possible to get at least some of the site onto a different SSD, however Local will still create some of the infrastructure things (NGINX/PHP/MySQL) configuration on the main hard-drive (C:\ or ~/ depending on the OS)

What operating system are you using? The permissions error you mention might have something to do with the permissions in the actual server software.

Can you take a look at the Local log and see if there are any errors there? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to get that log:

Thanks Ben for your reply.
I resolved my problem. After some attempts, i thought it was a formatting type error, so I re-initialized the SSD with Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) and now everything works perfectly.


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