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Using Local with Divi child theme, site looks different in visual editor vs live page

This is my first time using Local (I’ve been a Flywheel customer for years and never encountered this problem). I’m using a fresh WordPress install and used the Divi theme and then a child theme.

In using the child theme there were several json files to install along with the child theme install and activation. I chose a homepage template provided with the child theme. In the visual editor, the page looks like how it’s intended by the theme developer. When I exit the editor, the page looks very different.

I’ve used Divi for all my sites of the last year, and for many of those sites, I’ve used child themes from this specific dev. I’ve never had this problem with Flywheel, so I’m assuming it’s a Local problem. I’d just like to know what to do about it.

I’m experiencing this issue too on both the child and main divi theme. Deleting the et-cache in wp-content seems to help.

Same issue here i deleted et-cache in Visual Studio and disable CSS Static in Divi. Still same issues

This did the trick on my end. Thank you.