Site only displays correctly while logged in

Hi all, new user to flywheel and local here. So when I make a site in local everything is fine as long as I am logged in, but if I try to view the site logged out, or in incognito mode, or if I use the live link the page is missing content/styling.

I assume it is a cache issue, but I don’t know how to fix. I have cleared my browser cache, and I am not using any plugins. To test I created a new site, installed the sydney theme, and imported their demo content. Looks great while I’m logged in, terrible otherwise (all on same laptop).

Any ideas would be appreciated, the live link thing is really the only issue, assuming this behavior doesn’t persist when I push from local to live. Thanks!

Hi @toddkc, happy to try and figure out what may be going on. To confirm, after importing the dummy content to the theme on the fresh site within Local, it has issues loading, as well?

On the main site, did you pull in from Flywheel or migrate it in through a different avenue?

Lastly, are there plugins activated on the sites?

A few posts have been created recently with seemingly related odd front-end loading issues but I think it may be a conflict at the site level. This one was similar and came down to be a few levels of conflicts that got worked out.

Fresh install of local, created new website, added the theme, imported the theme demo content. That’s it. Only installed plugin is the one required to import the demo content. When I visit the site it appears fine (wordpress toolbar on top of screen).

However, if I log out and view, view in an incognito browser, or use the live link, the page does not display correctly. It appears that html content and styling is not being loaded.

I also tested with a different theme, hestia. Same behavior.

I don’t know what you mean by main site, this is just a brand new site created inside local using the preferred/default settings.

Will check out the link you added, thanks. I tried to search for my specific problem, but didn’t find anything. I am currently uninstalling and reinstalling local, maybe that will fix.

Now that I have reinstalled local the page doesn’t display properly even while logged in (top is what it should be, bottom is mine)…

Seems like assets may be getting blocked. Could you open the developer inspector and look under the console section to see if there are any 404’s?

In Chrome right click on the homepage > Inspect > view console. Should have noted red errors and on the right you can hover over the file to see the full path. If you that is the case, shoot a screenshot of that area and maybe someone can spot something.

Also, send links along to the theme and plugin you are using if it’s a free one and I can test on my end.

No errors unfortunately.

Live Link:

Live Link:

I’m seeing the same thing and it appears the import is failing overall. When adding the dummy content the following is presented:

That is from my Local setup and I tried it on a Flywheel Demo site as well with it reporting the same thing.

How I fixed: Install all recommendations by the Sydney theme. /wp-admin/themes.php?page=sydney-info.php. After I got all green on this page, I re-imported and it was fully successful. Guessing the Page Builder addes the product and post types needed.

So that fixed the sydney theme, but not the hestia one. I don’t expect you to figure out why that happens on every theme I try, is there a general reason this happens that you could explain? I don’t get what would cause this behavior, and googling doesn’t bring up anything.


In the case of Sydney it seems like their predefine demo import needed pieces of the page builder. This would be specific to this theme only. As for Hestia it doesn’t look like it has a predefine demo import. By default the One Click Demo Import doesn’t have those built in it looks like.

I’m not familiar with the full use of One Click Demo Import; however, it seems that there are prerequisites that will vary between each theme making it a gamble. Looks like they don’t necessarily have a default general import file, meaning if a theme doesn’t have predefine demo imports, a custom one would need to be made. I could be wrong on that but it does look like it’s not a straight out of box and use plugin for any theme.

Here’s their documentation if you are looking to build your own import file.