Using SFTPd Site Files Not Working

Hey everyone,

So the company I work for uses Flywheel souly for hosting websites. Today I was tasked with making changes to a site and was told to download it and edit it locally.

Our lead developer told me to SFTP into flywheel and download the site. Which I did following this tutorial.

I installed Local on my Windows machine and pointed to the local folder on my system. No errors were tossed or anything and upon clicking View Live it booted but all I saw was the base 2017 theme. When I went into themes our theme was not listed. I went into the files zipped up the theme and imported it but it did not do anything.

The site is live on flywheels and has all the CSS and everything. But when install the theme locally and run it with Local all I get is a white screen with a broken image link that says loading.

What could I have done wrong?