How to create a local version of a live Wordpress site

I have a wordpress site and i want to run it locally

Hi guys, I have a live wordpress website that is not hostet on flywheel and I would like to setup a local development environment with flywheel to test changes before I apply them to my main site.

I already downloaded the site files from the webserver via ftp and the database via cPanel.

But I don’t know whether I can use flywheel for this or I should use XAMPP.

If there are resources explaining how to do this please refer me to it.

Thanks, Ben

Ben, check out How can I import a site into Local by Flywheel ; that’s what I looked at to get from my site files into flywheel.

I admit that I don’t have my site working smoothly in flywheel yet – in something less than an hour I got my setup to where the WP admin comes up but the main site doesn’t, but then, I’m also starting with Apache & PHP 5.4, so maybe there’s some problem with using those. I’m about to go figure it out.

Also has some higher-level explanations that you may or may not need.

Before Flywheel, I’d tried MAMP, but couldn’t get my site’s ssl to work with that. So far I’m more hopeful about Flywheel.