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V5.7.2 Release Notes?

Started Local to find a new update available (thanks for bringing back “check for updates on launch”, btw). I’m updated to 5.7.2 (from 5.6.10), but I don’t see any release notes. They’re usually available here in the support forum.

There’s no end to the amateurism around here.

Just get Laragon and you’ll never ever look back at Local.

What has changed is probably the same as what was in the 5.7.2 beta release. But they really should’ve done a pinned release notes post for the release. I would note, however, that one of the changes is Local’s auto-updater showing release notes in Local. So maybe they forgot that us general release users wouldn’t see that on the earlier release? But I guess moving forward Local will show release notes, and so maybe they won’t add them as pinned posts here.

That was no help. Laragon is only for Windows.

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