Version 5 Beta - How to use "sharing access via LAN IP" feature?

The version 5 beta page Local Lightning Public Beta states that “Local now supports sharing access to a site via your computer’s LAN IP as a result of Local’s network stack being streamlined.” but I can’t get further than a Local generated 404 page when trying to use this feature.

Hi @gmcdonald,

Good catch!

Right now, Local’s router determines what site to route to based on domain/hostname provided by the browser.

My recommendation is to add a record to the hosts file on the other device not running Local. The record will look something like: local-site-on-other-computer.local

We have plans of adding support for (or similar) in the future that way editing the hosts file isn’t necessary. It’ll also open up the ability to access the site from smartphones/tablets over LAN.

Hi, what is the recommended way to have the device not running Local also “trust” the SSL certificate of the Local site?